Track made after visiting the exhibition ‘Restricted Area’ by Wim Catrysse)

  -  19 September 2014

From my new album, Ripples in the void, available at

Enjoy! (preferably on headphones) :)

  -  19 September 2014


"Quiet Seaside" - Leila Abdul-Rauf & Tor Lundvall

The united front presented by the music, art, and title of “Quiet Seaside” is immaculate. Were someone to translate the sensation of a morning’s lazy coastal fog to tape, it would surely sound akin to this. Everything is gentle and measured. A searching, far-off brass and immutable guitar waft from the fog - all is tranquil and, well, a little damp.

This track comes from ambient artist Tor Lundvall and multi-instrumentalist Leila Abdul-Rauf, the B-side to be released on an upcoming Dais Records 7”. “Ibis” will grace the A-side. Abdul-Rauf provided pieces for the tracks - the spontaneous piano and vocals of “Ibis,” the guitar riff of “Quiet Seaside” - and Lundvall took to his ambient hand to the recordings. The initial sounds were created on a visit to Lundvall’s home in 2012, after which Lundvall worked his magic. In the case of “Quiet Seaside,” Abdul-Rauf then added that tactful brass to an early mix.

"Ibis" was actually released as a solo Abdul-Rauf track last year (though still recorded and engineered by Lundvall), gracing the her debut LP Cold and Cloud. This will be the first time the collaborative version sees light. The 7” comes out August 5 on Dais Records and is currently available for pre-order. It should make for quite the relaxing piece of wax.

- Tyler Hanan

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I Wanna Be Abhorred started out as another of my Poppy Nogood/Anton Phibes ripoff/tribute deals. I recorded this around three am on a muggy Crown Heights full moon when i couldn’t sleep. I kinda like just hearing those distorted chords hang in the air sometimes.

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The Burning Surface Of Forgotten Hands.

how to produce bubbles from iron and water. the volume settings folder.

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