Patrick uploaded his piano improv as an open collab so I decided to have a go. I tried to get it finished over one weekend but as is usually the case time got away from me and I had to leave it another week.

Composed in Reason 7 then bounced to audio stems and mixed and mastered in Sonar X3

Patrick’s original is here

  -  25 April 2014

Written in Big Sur, CA April 13, 2014. Recorded in Los Angeles.
Ambient guitar with accompaniment.

  -  25 April 2014

  -  25 April 2014

"In this age of an ever-increasing demand for fast, easy thrills rewarding a shorter and shorter attention span I feel very happy there are still artists who have the talent/patience to create lengthy fulfilling pieces of music as well as exceptional people willing to devote time to listen to those creations.

In the past year I’ve found a wealth of amazing talent in the DIY ambient and experimental scene at SoundCloud. This mix is my way of showing respect for the whole community sharing, supporting and commenting on it’s inspiring compositions and production methods. I’ve compiled a collection of tracks that showcase some of the styles of ambient/experimental music I’ve most enjoyed in the past year. Of course the tracklist could go on and on but in a guest mix you’ve got to draw the line somewhere…

The mix is a consciousness shifting journey through a colorful landscape of both meditative and heightening sounds - with a touch of destruction in it as well. I’ve also merged some field recordings and a few samples at points where I felt they reflected the mood these tracks evoked in me. Headphones are strongly recommended for a full aural experience.

I hope you find the time to dive deep with these exquisite sounds and feel them alter your mind state as they have altered mine, taking a dip into the vast possibilities of existence. If you want to download a version with higher sound quality (wav), please contact me personally via message. Thank you for all the support and respect. Stay creative!”




VriesVeld - The Living Singing Bowl (
Valley of Capsules - The Flying Of Dot 39 (
Mahr - Bardo (
IOK1 - Maker Of Illusions (
Ajna - Solemn Anthems Feeding on The Wind (
Everyday Dust - Canticle (
Faces Of Bélmez - Grey Hole (
45:KO - En Osallistu Arvontaan (
Dronny Darko & Utu Lautturi - Sarin Over Ghouta (
Sōzu Project - From Breath To Thought (
Red Clouds - Blue Dream (
He_lium - Grashopper’s Fest (
Hilyard - Between Silence And Solitude (
Above, Convenience Store! - Mask Of Mammon (

Additional field recordings and intermissions by Utu Lautturi

  -  25 April 2014

  -  24 April 2014